Friday, July 16, 2004


my grandpa is convinced that i have a boyfriend on the side that i'm keeping from him.   i don't really know why he thinks this, but every thanksgiving, christmas, and the occasional sunday lunch he'll ask where he is.  

oh, the boyfriend's name is jorab.  (joe-rab)


annette said...

This is funny! Where did Jorab come from???

Anonymous said...

Wait, so are you saying that I don't exist now? How dare you treat me like that! And I thought we had a future together too... you sure know how to break a guy's heart, don't you? :(


Anonymous said...

is jorab like some generic american arab? like shortening "joe arab"? and why would your grandpa want you to date just any old joe? i mean i would think that most grandpas want their granddaughters to date only the absolute best guys in the world.

for that matter why does he want you to date an arab? nothing against them but it seems rather silly...i havent known you long but you dont seem very arabic to me. is your grandpa arabic?

maybe he just has some fixation on arabs. OH I GOT IT!! he wants you to marry some arab who has alot of oil so hes rich! i guess your grandpa is looking out for you after all....well cept that your average (joe) arab really isnt very wealthy at all...actually probably pretty poor.

so maybe your grandpa really meant to say joeshiek or joearabprince.

well whatever he meant i think your grandpa is kinda kooky. hahaha. i just made up that word kooky. but it sounds very descriptive of grandfathers who envision their granddaughters dating some joe arab.

-not sure i wanna leave my name after calling your grandpa kooky.