Sunday, July 25, 2004

still funny

Chris:  you would
Karin: your mom would
Chris: yeah....uh....well.....uh....Pbthpbtthhhhhhh!!!!
Karin: you would


Anonymous said...

Jon: both your moms would

Anonymous said...

I've been misquoted. Have you ever heard of a libel suit? Because now you got one on your hands, babe. I hope you have a taperecorder or written hand notes to back up what you wrote that I said. Actually, it went something like this:

Karin: I'm not going to come hang out until I'm guarenteed a good time
Chris: You would
Karin: I would...what? I don't get it.

End of dispute, Chris wins quickly

Patricia said...

okay, so I think I'm getting old because I didn't get this one. I was going to keep quiet about it but then I talked to my husband about it and he said he didn't get it either. At least we both don't get it together! Or maybe we really are getting old!