Tuesday, September 21, 2004


after 3 years, i finally snuck coffee into the RTS library.

it's a big day.


Anonymous said...

Just promise me you'll never sneak anything OUT of the RTS library. That would be bad. -- Jess

Jeremy said...

Gasp! Good thing my mom doesn't read this journal! She's the librarian at her church and at the public library as well, so she might have a heart attack if she found out about your infringement. Let me guess, you bring your laptop in there on occasions as well -- filled with ants who are eager to overrun the book stacks and go home with another unsuspecting patron/victim.

You may want to give your journal a warning rating level... maybe UFL (Unsuitable For Librarians) to save other potential innocents from reading about your rebellions! Librarians are fragile people and need to be protected.


Patricia said...

So how did you sneak it in? Did you put it in a big purse, or in your jacket? Curious minds want to know.