Wednesday, September 1, 2004

feels like a full moon

5: the number of men who marched into my apartment this morning, unannounced
0: the number that of men that i knew

1: the number of sweaty UPS boys who delivered used books to my apartment today
2: the number of accidents the UPS boy got into on the way to my apartment

15: the number of cars in line for gas at Chevron
1: the number of cars i was behind at Mobil for gas
5: the number of very large, very empty gas tanks that the punk in front of me at Mobil pulled out of the bed of his truck to fill up with gas, after filling up the largest truck i had ever seen
3: the amount of gallons i needed to fill up my car

2 1/2: the amount i overdosed on Tylenol to cope with the day i just had


Anonymous said...

you like numbers dont you? or is it that whole orderlieness thing... you even have to organize your blog as a list. hehe

i must say im curious about the 5 men (0 of which you knew) that marched into your apartment. Did they march in... make a little loop around your coffee table... and march out again or what??


Jeremy said...

Hey Karin, I hope you survived evil Frances' gusty fury this weekend. Dontcha just love how they always seem to ruin the weekend and not the weekdays? (Monday doesn't count since it was a holiday anyway). Anyway, just wanted to let you know that because of you, I have created my own blogger so that I don't have to post anonymously in your journal anymore. Not that I really posted all that much to begin with, but it's just easier this way. Doesn't that just make you feel special?
Hey now... don't get too much of an ego boost!