Wednesday, September 1, 2004


If any of you have spent more than 3 minutes with me, you know that I tend to get really obsessive about a lot of things. Take the dishwasher, for instance. The dishes must be thoroughly cleaned before they go in there and then there is a distinct order to the way they are placed. Peanut butter, ice cream, even fake butter spread--each of these must look even and presentable when opened.

i think this is perfectly normal behavior.

but last night, i started to believe i just might have problems. I re-organized my closet. Again. This time, i flipped the shirts around so the sleeveless ones are what you see first. Of course, i was sure to maintain the half-inch separation between hangers.

And then it occured to me, "karin, you have obsessive compulsive disorder." (nevermind the voices in my head. i'll deal with those in another moment of crisis).

but actually, it all makes sense. with things so overwhelming and unpredictable right now--2 major hurricanes and 6,000 pages of reading for starters--it's no wonder i look for the things in life that I can control.

my counseling professor said anxiety meds are selling through the roof this week. as soon as they start making those in a liquid bubble-gum flavor, i'm there.


Patricia said...

Aren't you a student? Shouldn't you be studying in stead of re-organizing? BTW, you can come and organize my closest.!

Anonymous said...

She isn't kidding, folks! The other day I made the fatal mistake of trying to hang a few clothes in Karin's closet. She freaked out! :)

And, when I left, she organized her closet. Do we see a pattern? --Jess

Anonymous said...

at least she admits to OCD.... the scary thing is she's proud of it!

but now im curious about the voices in your head Karin!