Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Speedy A-Lo

that's amanda. hopefully she's a soon-to-be arrival on the blogwagon. i wish i made a profit on all these new recruits.

we're both egocentric enough to know that the other would expect a personalized blog entry. so amanda, here's your 15 minutes o-fame. (don't worry, i've got slow readers. it'll take 'em that long to read this)

oh, and 1 more thing: i expect a longer entry. and a link. (since i started this, it's only polite)


Patricia said...

that's great that you're giving Amanda some blog time, but you didn't link to her blog anywhere! how can I get there? did she start blogging already?

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Here's my blog link, Karin and all those who care: I haven't linked to you yet, but I will...oh yes. See You.