Monday, October 11, 2004


i got caught tonight in the Winn-Dixie parking lot by a Citizen on Patrol. I was stopped too long at the stop sign. (it was also a fire lane).

i didn't get a ticket. can a citizen on patrol even write a ticket?

after the "incident," he kept circling the parking lot and watched me like a hawk. He probably even wrote down my tag number and put it on file. Good thing I was driving Andrea's car.


Jeremy said...

Good thing you were driving Andrea's car? That's just wrong! Andrea's a brave girl with lots of trust! What happened to your own car... Was it impounded for violating traffic laws? You probably don't even have a valid license anymore and are driving illegally too! See if I ever loan you my car anymore!

Oh, wait, scratch that last comment, I've never done that before anyway.

And scratch the prior comment, since I'm sure you're a fairly reasonable law-abiding citizen who wouldn't blatantly disrespect the law like that.

Hmm... I guess that invalidates most of my argument, doesn't it? Oh well, at least I tried. Carry on.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

You are such a criminal for a law abiding, rule follower. Isn't it funny how the most innocent of us get into the most trouble?! Let me know if I can bail you out.

Jeremy said...

Alert! Alert! I take back what I said regarding Karin being a law-abiding citizen! I dug this photo up from America's Most Wanted website and I felt obligated to pass it along. This is an eyewitness photograph of the murderess in action as she hunts down unsuspecting tourists at Disney. Unfortunately, we never saw the photographer alive again -- he paid for the picture dearly. Forget Tigger, beware of NRA Karin instead!

Patricia said...

Citizens arrest! Citizens arrest! I thought that only happened on the Andy Griffith Show! That's weird. Weird things are always happening to you! Maybe that's why you have such an interesting life. I can't believe I Rob hasn't commented on this yet, because I know he would have thought the same thing I did, about Andy Griffith!

Anonymous said...

Origin of the C.O.P. program?

Once I was at a park and a cop (a real officer) accused me of vandalizing. Trying to get me to confess, he claimed, "you know, we have a witness who saw you come here." I pointed out that he shouldn't need a witness to know that.

I think that's when they decided that senile citizens could do the job just as effectively and cheaper.


Anonymous said...

COP Citizens on Patrol.....wanabe?

Explain to your dad.....what exactly is a fire lane for...especially one with a stop sign!?!

October is fire prevention month. Were you preventing something? Mrs. O'Leary would be proud of you.

And then there is the issue of auto insurance for a law abiding citizen.