Thursday, October 21, 2004

Playing catch up

Since I last blogged.....

Reunited with an old sport
This past weekend, I took up tennis again. Chris & I took on Andrea & Jess. It's great playing on Chris's team--my wallet stays nice and thick. (he brings out the gambler in me).

Reunited with old friends
This Sunday, Jim was home visiting, so I ran into him at church. Then, that night I was surprised by a phone call from Stephen. (btw, a sure sign that Jesus is returning soon: Stephen finally got a cell phone! and.....he even set up his own voice mail). A few days later, as I got out of my car, my old neighbor, Steve, was standing right there! He's back from serving in the Middle East.

After talking to Steve, I climbed the staircase of my apartment and almost got hit in the head by a bundle of flying carpet being catapulted from the 3rd floor. I guess it's payback from the time I threw a Christmas tree off our balcony.

Oh, and today? Our apartment was broken into. I even have fingerprint powder (leftover from Deputy Love [his real name] and who I can only assume to be Sargeant Barney Fife) still on my face to prove it.


rob said...

I hope Jorab doesn't get jealous of all your "reuniting" with other boys.

Hope all is okay in your apt. Maybe they took that lamp that keeps turning on?

Anonymous said...

Did you lock the door?

Anonymous said...

Lock: The thing on the left as you exit, on the right as you enter. Listen for the click and it is locked, generally.

Stove burners: see diagram

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Was anything taken from your place? Maybe one of your friends stole the stove, but only to protect you, of course.

Anonymous said...

They dusted your face for prints???