Thursday, November 4, 2004

pet peeve

websites with music that kicks in as soon as you hit the site.


this post isn't funny. what a let down. it's almost like i up and got married or something and lost all humor.
my roommate will think that comment was funny.

hope you're laughing, andrea. or at least grinning. feel free to email me with a little quip.


Patricia said...

So are you saying that once your married you don't have fun anymore?

Russell said...

Yup, Patricia. Once you're married, it's nothing but Canada and blogs. Boooring...

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Yeah, that is so true. I am no longer funny as a wife--maybe funny looking with a big pregnant belly, but I digress. WHATEVER?! Don't know who you were referring to, but I am over it...are you over it?