Sunday, November 28, 2004

thoughts from a tree farm

buying a christmas tree is a lot like dating. too short, too round, too skinny, too hairy, too smelly, not smelly enough. and then, whatever you pick out, is bound to be dead in a month.


rob said...

You forgot one more comparison...if a girl brings home a, uh, tree, she has to make sure she feeds him, I mean, it. But the benefit (for both, mind you) is that she gets to dress him, uh, it in ways that are unnatural, but nice too.

Patricia said...

Yeah, you can definitely make the tree look much better when you dress it properly.

Anonymous said...

You are too cynical. Like a tree which is planted....roots and all, you takes time for a relationship to grow. It has to be FED, NURTURED.
Chop it off at the base and it will eventually die.
Roots are good things!