Sunday, April 24, 2005


in my [unsuccessful] attempt to lose weight, i've learned several important lessons:

(1) a steady diet of free chick-fil-a every monday night is only harmful when supplemented with chick-fil-a on weekends and the occasional (weekly) egg & cheese breakfast biscuit

(2) a non-fat Starbucks latte loses its healthiness when large amounts of whip cream are added

(3) running still looks a lot more fun than it really is

So tonight, my sister Kristin stepped in for intervention: "okay karin, here's your new rule--if it looks good, you canNOT eat it! Oh, and if mom and dad like it, you can't eat that either."

And the quote of the day:
Jim: "I'm starving! There's nothing to eat in this house"
Kristin: "oh, are you hungry?"
Jim: "I've been hungry since I met you."


Anonymous said...

K.....Best blog yet...your eye for material is improving daily! Yes, I have been hungry since I met your sister!

Anonymous said...

Needing help with Kristin's logic.....iF it looks good you can not eat it. If mom and dad eat it you can not eat it. Does this rationalize that mom and dad eat it if it looks good and therefore belong in the excess calorie club.
But then, people who do not eat should not get a vote...should they?
Poor Jim....he is hungry AND has to exercise! Dad better guard his food!