Saturday, June 25, 2005


so sorry to break from the usual blogging which you have come to know and--i'm sure--love, but i have a very important question at hand:

Where on earth can I find those country stickers with the country code or flag on them???!!! I looked all over Europe and found exactly 1 in Scotland. One. Can it really be true that in 8 countries I visited, 7 of them were sold out of obnoxious tourist flag stickers?

I've even resorted to looking on Amazon, to no avail. I'd go to eBay next, but i'm afraid i'd end up buying a sticker that was unstuck. er, unsticky.

this blog got me thinking
you know, a sticker book is a perfectionist's worst nightmare. i had a sticker book when i was little. those things were so cool except when i made a mistake and i couldn't move the sticker without it tearing the whole page apart.

i still get weepy thinking about it.


rob said...

You can order big ones here but I'm sure a flag store in Orlando can help.

Jeremy said...

So you're back home then? Do show us pictures from your trip! I love looking at photos of other countries and hearing about people's travels.