Saturday, November 26, 2005


Attention all suitors of Andrea: while her phone is temporarily out of service, please direct all date inquiries to me. I am more than happy to fill in.


Jeremy said...

[Diverted suit #1]

Dear Andrea (or available substitute),

I am free this Thursday evening. I was going to have dinner and see a movie with some old broad I know, but I hear you are available. Therefore, I will gladly break off my prior engagement for a chance at supping at your table instead.

Yours Truly

Jeremy said...

Hey!!! My plea was forwarded to you instead! How embarrassing! heh heh...

::turns red and emits nervous laughter::

Just pretend you never saw that misdirected message. I'm going to have a serious talk with that call-redirecting system operator.

Our previous plans still stand, Karin. I was just, uh, referring to a different Thursday. Yeah, that's what I meant! :P

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Hold up, are you taking the calls or the dates? If it's the dates, how sneaky are you? Sneaky, but oh so smart.