Monday, December 12, 2005


For over a year now, I have been subscribed to my church's men's email list, the IronMen group. This morning, I checked my email to find that I have now been added to no less than NINE new men's groups, including Man in the Mirror and a fantastic invitation to an Enrichment retreat in Chaska from Bethlehem Baptist Church.


Jeremy said...

If you didn't write your last name first, people wouldn't think you were a creatively-spelled Tommy.

Or, maybe that's their way of inconspicuously trying to play matchmaker, by sending you on men's retreats

Jon said...

I guess telling you to "suck it up and be a man" wouldnt help huh???

Anonymous said...

So I am working on at least getting you removed from the UPC one!

Brian said...

So your church calls it IronMen as well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just show up to all of the events, with invite in hand.

You could feel like a super star with all of the attention.