Monday, January 16, 2006


i keep discovering new, unexplained bruises on my body. i'm not kidding. i just noticed a baseball sized bruise on the back of my thigh and earlier this week i found smaller ones on my feet, hands, and arms.

so now the tally is up to 2: i need a lawyer 'cause i still haven't gotten paid and now i guess i need a doctor.

this is getting out of control.


Jeremy said...

I know you mentioned you wanted to marry a doctor before, but you can't marry both a doctor AND a lawyer. Well, I guess there is that one erudite (aka full-of-himself) MDJD guy who advertises on TV all of the time. Dr. Barscscz or some crazy name like that. Looks like you've certainly narrowed down your prospects.

And a painless word of advice -- stop hitting yourself!

Anonymous said...

I thought you liked having bruises!