Monday, April 10, 2006


Important fan tip:

when supporting your friend racing in a triathalon, do not appear to have too much fun throwing a frisbee while waiting for him to finish. it is also helpful not to nearly toss the frisbee into the announcer's tent. otherwise, you just might get asked by the announcer to have some fun over there while you become the lucky "volunteer" to drape a medal around each athletes' sweaty neck. this job also includes pulling transponders off their grimy ankles. (and did i mention the sweat?).

Another tip (now that i'm an expert):

when placing a medal around a runners' neck, one should keep a few rules in mind.

  1. Let the runner stop running. otherwise, the maneuver turns into a disastrous strangling motion.
  2. When a runner is hunched over ready to hurl, having his head down is not an indication that he wants a medal thrown around his neck.
  3. Telling an athlete who couldn't finish the race that he could "have a medal anyway" in a sympathetic voice, is not a good idea. You'll just make him more upset.

Maybe i'll just join the next triathalon.


- john said...

You say 'disgusted'.

I say enamored crushes.

bfine107 said...

your hilarious.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

You will like the sweat smell when it's the one. Trust me.

Gross job, though! Surely no one looked (or smelled) too hot after a triathalon.

Jon said...

haha you know you loved it!! You really started getting into the whole pulling off the transponder bit.

Anonymous said...

I have to say knowing Karin she will never really enjoy the smell of sweat. No matter who it is. LOL!

Errant Knight said...

You seem traumatized. Did someone sweat on you too much as a young child?

Bethany said...

Hey remember me, Zach's friend who visited in January and didn't get around to visiting your blog until 3 months later? :) By the way, you're hilarious! I will now be checking in to read regularly...