Monday, May 15, 2006


i cooked again.

Andrea: How was the soup you made?

Karin: It was rice.

Andrea: Oh...Hmm.


Andrea said...

Continuation of the conversation:

Andrea: (optimistically) Well, how did it taste?

Karin: Like junk.

Better luck next time, Karin. Look on the bright side, at least you used the stove :)

bfine107 said...

Karin you are absolutely hilarious

rob said...

keep a can of chicken on hand and dump it in there next time. call it chicken and rice soup.

then feed it to a cat.

- john said...

Once I took a Chinese cooking class and asked the Asian instructor the secret to perfect rice. She looked at me and just said, "Rice Cooker".

Sheldon Kotyk said...


Patricia said...

How about you come help me organize my house and I'll teach you how to cook?

Anonymous said...

One thing that not everyone may know is that Karin used to work in the confectionary at Disney. I think that this knowledge makes her cooking stories all the funnier. That and the fact that she is GREAT at baking in general. It is the whole oven vs. stove dilema that she struggles with.
-Lindz "The One Who Laughs"

Anonymous said...

Come home some time, my dear. You can HAVE my rice cooker!