Wednesday, August 23, 2006


After running in the gym the other day, I checked my heart rate. 191. ONE-NINETY-ONE people. That's 20 points higher than the chart actually goes and a mere 3 points away from my Maximum Heart Rate.

i'm speechless.

tomorrow's agenda: prepare living will.


Sheldon Kotyk said...

Just proving my point that running is bad for one's health. Unless of course one is running away from a wild animal.

Jon said...

I fear for your life Karin. but its probably really caused by all the crazy stress from your job. Hence once your done with that conference you need to come to colorado for a vacation. :)

Jeremy said...

Maybe instead of getting your wish to SEE the Bodies exhibit, you'll get to BE in the exhibit instead! ;)

Next time, don't push yourself so hard. Or do what I do -- laze around and completely neglect any and all exercise.

Errant Knight said...

How did you measure that? Wristwatch and your fingers? Or did the machine have one of those monitors..