Saturday, September 9, 2006


i finally have an excuse for not blogging. i'm out of the country. (the irony is that i'm blogging the fact that i can't blog. but you're a smart bunch of readers. you figured this out already).


Amanda Lomonaco said...

Where are you and why? You sure do travel a lot lately. Anything planned to the west coast? Jen is planning a trip out with little Travis after the baby comes. Maybe you could come, too:). We'd love to see you and have you stay with us and meet the new little one, etc., etc.

Still waiting for that call or email.

Miss you!!

Jeremy said...

Not only that, but when you finally have an excuse for your lack of updating, that's when you update even more (two posts already!)

Have fun in Budapest! I am absolutely dying to see eastern Europe (i.e. Budapest, Istanbul, Prague, and St. Petersburg especially). Let me know how life is over there, and come back safely too!