Wednesday, April 4, 2007

For Jen and Jim and Amanda and Casey

enough already - i'm blogging!

i have no excuse save one; it is tough to be me.

it is 3:52am and I am still awake. since my last post, i still do not use the stove. i have reorganized both my closet and my nieces closet twice. for the first time in 27 years, i have been told my hair has body. Pantene ProV is finally paying off. And don't say that using Pantene is like putting car wax on your hair. i have been told that my whole life and I do not believe it.

andrea and i went to Seasons 52 last week and the hostess marched us to the very last table in the very back of a side room to be served by a very attractive albeit very drunk waiter because i believe she did not like our clothes. i am still annoyed.

in case you haven't noticed, i am organizing the blog so you can read posts based on topic instead of date. this way, you can read about travels, apartment life, adventures, etc. confession: i spent the better part of 20 minutes reading past posts and laughing quite loudly. i suffer from vanity.

in other news, i leave for bangkok on tuesday. stories are sure to come.


Jim said...

Wow! Resposive and my name in the title. I guess incessantly haranguing you is a viable option. Did I mention to you that my new REEF's (uppercase so you can see it) have a bottle opener on the bottom? Our friends called me a frat boy! Not sure if that is good or bad at my age. Oh sorry, this was supposed to be about you!

Lindsey said...

did your brother-in-law just say that his flip flops have a bottle opener on them? OMG!! where were those babies when I went down town on Friday. LOL!!

orangejack said...

i stopped reading after the title. it wasn't for me.

beautifulfoolishness said...

To have my name posted on Karin Tome's blog...what an honor! You are quite the organizing fiend with the closets and the blog. I need you in my life. You could organize for me...I could take pictures of it happening...and the result, I'm sure, would be a handful of witty blogs to entertain the masses. Everyone wins!

Jon said...

your blogging perfectly coincides with my reading your blog. for the first time in weeks i decided i had a few spare moments to read blogs and here you are just posting for the first time in weeks. good timing.

Anonymous said...

I am paintfully stricken with hurt! Am I not your greatest fan and one who most desires~and loves~your writings? Oh...wait...this is about you!
Glad you started writing again!
love you