Tuesday, August 14, 2007

10 things you may not know

Now that I've been in the blog business for several years, I feel like we've established a bit of a relationship, you and I. But there are plenty of things you still don't know about me. And as my most beloved brother-in-law pointed out, life really is all about me.

  1. I do not plug appliances in until the moment I use them. This includes blenders, coffee makers, irons, and blow dryers. This does not include toasters. (Note: I do not actually use irons.)
  2. I think McDonald's would be an excellent choice for a date.
  3. Even though I follow the all the places to get local cheap gas, I only purchase gas from the same location each week. The irony is not lost on me.
  4. I can tell if someone changes the book order on my bookshelf. It is a dirty trick.
  5. I would do just about anything to have dark brown eyes.
  6. I have never been the new kid.
  7. My bedroom curtain is made from a dress from India which I bought at a thrift store in London. (they have a great tracking system, apparently).
  8. I do not have favorites except for my sister.
  9. I am intensely patriotic. If you are not an educated voter, I will believe God has placed me on your path in order to educate you.
  10. I liked Leonardo DiCaprio before he was famous.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Seems like the toaster would be one of the best things to have unplugged (considering fire hazards and all). McDonalds is just WRONG! And you should post a pic of that curtain...bet it's cool.

orangejack said...

Here's what you didn't know we knew:

1. Plugging in appliances before they are needed is good if they have clocks on them (especially for automatic coffee makers).
2. McDonald's uses appliances that have been plugged in for eons.
3. Cheap gas is a fraud just like an oil change every 3000 miles.
4. Changing the order of old books reveals dirt.
5. God grants dark brown eyes to those who plug in appliances.
6. NKOTB were before their time.
7. Curtains from London are sold as dressed in India.
8. Favoritism is a derivative of nepotism.
9. God bless America. God bless you.
10. Leonardo DiCaprio should never have been famous.

Jeremy said...

I feel like I know you so much better now. Your little idiosyncrasies and quirks that make you, you. I shall never spend more than a Happy Meal on you now. I would never disturb the Dewey Decimal system in your own personal library. I know you are a shrewd shopper who buys clothes for their unintended purpose. You foresaw the future and could tell a star would be famous before he drowned to the rest of the world. And I know never to bring up politics around you unless I want to get an earful! And with the gas irony, do you also clip coupons only to never use them before the expire?

Anyway, thanks for the insightful glimpse into your soul. Now can I be your favorite pharmacist blogger?

drh said...

One thing you may not have known about me:

I once got cheap gas shortly after going to McDonald's.

annette said...

you are being very "green" by not keeping the appliances plugged in; according to leonardo dicaprio in a recent episode of oprah, he said small things like leaving things unplugged until you need them can hep save energy (and you, money). at least i think it was he that said it...

Anonymous said...

I was not surprised by any of these, except for number 8 - which is, frankly, a lie. You do have favorites! Chick-fil-a: favorite fast food, TCBY: favorite dessert, UPC: favorite church, Andrea: favorite person (J/K). And, your actual quote from tonight,"I just ruined my favorite skirt!" ... Need I continue?

running shoes said...

# 10 is absolutely TRUE. You talked about good ol' Leo in the 6th grade during PE and while we were eating our Chick-fil-a sandwiches. Good times!

Anonymous said...

why to i check this thing everyday...for what?

Jon said...

several comments... 1. im glad you posted this on my birthday. (sorry i never checked until now) 2. im glad andrea ratted you out about favorites. 3. im suddenly curious about your political views as pertaining to current presidential candidates.

Lindsey said...

So, do you plug in the coffee maker every morning?

michael said...

No matter what Leo said on Oprah, your appliances do not use electricity unless they are turned on.

Think of it like a faucet. When you turn on an appliance it's like turning the water on. When it's not in use though, the faucet is completely off and no water (or electricity) is flowing out.

So the logical equivalent would be to unscrew your washing machine from the water spigot after every use.

You're probably risking your safety more by plugging the items in and out (due to wear on the receptacles and possible shock if you're hand is wet or something) than you would by just leaving them plugged in.