Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I am a bad hugger. For years I have thought it was always the other person, but today I was reminded afresh that I believe it is, in fact, me. At lunch I was hugged by two different people and in one case, my glasses actually came completely off my face. I generally always run into the other person's ear. At a wedding this weekend, I literally got caught in the other person's necklace.

And so today I made a concerted effort to stop hugging. Brad Pitt could have asked for a hug from me today and he would have been denied.

p.s. For all you blasted side-huggers out there, you're not making it any easier.


Brent and Darcy said...

Remember the friendly chuck on the shoulder? I miss those days.

orangejack said...

Oh come on. I'd hug Brad Pitt.

rocketman said...

Here is a Digital Hug.. aaah! there go my glasses they are now stock on your hair. :-)

Don't give up.