Monday, December 10, 2007

on conversing with baristas

Starbucks guy: Hey doll.
me: [thinking] (This conversation is getting blogged. No matter how uninteresting our dialogue might be, this--this thing here--this is getting blogged. He called me a doll.)

Starbucks guy: What can I get you?
me: I'd like a grande, non-fat half-caff latte. 3 Splenda. No-foam but with whip.
Starbucks guy: That's a pretty pretentious drink you've got there
me: I know what I like
Starbucks guy: Can I get a name for the order?
me: Karin. And that's Karin with an "I"
Starbucks guy: You're pretty intense, you know that?

- time to pay -

Starbucks guy: Whoa. Did you just give me exact change? Down to the penny?
me: Actually, I need fifty cents back. I gave more so I could have two quarters back
Starbucks guy: I should've figured.


Jill said...

AMEN, girl! I often get criticized for knowing what I want and saying it. I have even been called "Comfort Queen". I figure, if you can have something the way you want it, then you might as well ask (especially when you are paying for it)!

joefish said...

Is this the same Starbucks guy that gives you free drinks every now and again? It really sounds like he's hitting on you :P

I didn't even know there was such a thing as half-caffeinated, but it makes sense I guess. And THREE sugars? OK, so Splenda isn't quite sugar, but that's still a lot!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your drink!

karin said...

Hey Joe - don't forget the whip, too. What can I say? I like my drinks sweet. But you are not one to talk, mr. give-me-everything-in-my-frappucino.

keithsea said...

I thought "on conversing with baristas" was going to be an update about your legal situation in your apartment! I'm not very good with vocabulary!

karin said...

Barista.....barrister. It could happen to...uh...anyone.

running shoes said...

where there no words between the Barista asking you if you knew you were intense and time to pay?
2 day countdown till your DAY...hooray

- john said...

let me analyze this...

1. definite flirting behavior - he started it though.

2. He called you a doll but then he called you pretentious. hmmm...that's a cancel. You're on level ground.

3. you overpaid and he couldn't tell... tsk tsk - he's not good with the numbers.

Karin 1
Barista 0

Anonymous said...

You make me smile! That's all...

jim said...

that giant sigh you just heard behind you, me leaving and going to dunkin donuts....Happy Birthday!

joefish said...

Karin, if by everything you mean "cream", then yes... but that comes standard at Starbucks.

John, I think the fact that the guy didn't take the time to notice the over-payment is merely a continuation of your first point.

But the fact that Karin wouldn't be (too) phased by all of this, and still got her drink, definitely means Karin-1, barista-0.

Anonymous said...

Go for it, Karin. He'll be a rock star one day.

Anonymous said...

ahh, i absolutely LOVE how you write, babe! guys think they're so smooth...but your drink is the only thing in this situation that was, mm? still fun, though!

may i suggest this guy knew exactly what he was doing when he claimed to think he was getting a tip from you even after cutting you down? i once met a guy who explained how you can't overcompliment females--if you complimented, you have to offset it with an insult or cut-down of yea...and he was serious!

he was definitely flirting! sounds like a potential good friend w/benefits--free drinks, that is! :P

drh said...

This should be right up your alley: I made a Starbucks post, too.