Sunday, April 27, 2008

dancing lesson 01

This might be the beginning of a new series of swing dancing comments. I'll kick it off with today's treasures:

Guy 1: "You smell like the best jolly rancher ever."

Guy 2: "You know, you could try flirting with your hands." [pause] "Do you even know how to do that?"
Karin: [visibly annoyed, but still dancing] "This is me flirting."


Jill said...

so...who were you flirting with? :-)

Jon said...

can you make a youtube video demonstrating how to 'flirt with your hands'? especially while dancing.

Kelli K Bock said...

vanilla lotion in High School, now you've upgraded to Cherry....
smelling like food is flirting in itself...kudos
who needs flirty hands when you have flirty smells =)

- john said...

that's the perfect 'how we first met story'.