Wednesday, June 11, 2008

best date ever

Dear potential suitor(s):

Please take dating tips from my dad. After tonight's date, I am one happy girl. It began when he greeted me with 1 lb of Dunkin Donuts coffee. Then we went to Lowes and capped off the night with wings at Gators. Plus, he fixed some rubber thing on my car that was droopy.

Wow. Not funny again. I'm putting myself to sleep. If I keep this up, I'll have to resort to posting YouTube videos.


fromheretothere said...

nice jab at jt. i like it.
i thought it was really funny. maybe because i'm lame too though. hmm. i'm an easy laugh, ask anyone.

rachel said...

its true she is, but then she gets everyone else laughing which is fantastic.

at first when reading this i thought you were gonna say he brought you 1lb. of dunkin donuts. period. ew.

- john said...

yeah, give us some youtube.

michael said...

You know what's not funny? The fact that you think every blog entry has to be funny.

Maybe you should just write/type from your heart and stop trying to entertain all of the time. Then your innate sense of humor will come out anyway, and maybe you'll blog more often, instead of just when you can think of something that may (or may not) be "funny".

I hope I don't sound like a jerk, and granted you seem to have plenty of fans, so maybe I'm off of the mark anyway. Just my input about your output, and that's what comments are for, right?

Anonymous said...

So...I tagged you in this little game. I never do these things, but I actually liked this one. No pressure to play. Check out my blog for details.

rocky said...

Ok. I'll bite. Are you addressing some specific suitors, or was this a general PSA?

Oh, Karin, you should let me set you up (well, it might be trouble, but you never know. . .)