Monday, August 4, 2008

Historical moment

Official Announcement: I enjoy cooking.

Yep, you read that right. Such needless drama all these years. The missing ingredient? My own kitchen.

I'm sure you naysayers are skeptical on the menu. Tonight's dish: cilantro chicken over a bed of rice and green beans sprinkled with parmesan & romano, served with Turkish tea. I consider this a marked improvement over the last time friends came over for dinner.
  • No blood? Check!
  • No exploding liquids? Check!
  • No mad dashes to the internet to look up how-to videos on chopping vegetables and teaspoon conversions? Check, Check!
Now, if only I hadn't turned my dining room into a library......(I'm not kidding)


Nathan said...

You might not be kidding about turning the dining room into a library... but I'm sure you're kidding about even considering changing it back.

Your hungry friend Erik said...

Sounds delish! What time should your loyal readers come over?

Cindy Lynn said...

I feel I can speak with authority here; it was absolutely delicious! And what goes best with such amazing company and dinner? None other than your sweet roommates' pina colada, or was the company and dinner so delicious because of the pina colada??? hhmmmm

michael said...

WOW. It's aBout time;-). Glad you are a chef now. Maybe we can try to make those omelets again sometime and not burn the spinach this time around.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

By the way, that above comment was from ME and NOT Michael. I didn't realize that he was still signed in. Whoops!