Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the gym

In the spirit of unveiling my new years resolutions, it is day 5 of january and I have officially gone to the gym 4 times! I see many a gym-inspired blog entry in my future. Allow me to elaborate.

Observation #1: On New Years Eve , I revealed my secret love for men in baseball caps as well as an attractive pair of running shoes. The following day, I discovered the gym--and its arsenal of hats, brawn, and Adidas. An excellent discovery.

Observation #2: Sometimes, it just feels good to run.

Observation #3: The next time I walk in with a 750 page book on John Adams, bring a bag.


Lindsey said...

observation #3: OH, NOOO!!!

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Sweet, you like running again. I have been off of it since thanksgiving when I hurt my ankle (which is still not better!).

And what does the bag comment mean? It was heavy to carry around or you threw up reading it?

rachel said...

your dedication to the gym has amazed and inspired me. though apparently not enough to do anything about it myself... sad.