Friday, February 13, 2009

the trouble with girls

Girls are trouble, no doubt about it. We love and we love deeply. We give each other hugs and chocolate and cards and pieces of flair. We let each other know that the certain guy doesn't make valentine's day special--you are special. We remind each other that Jesus was single. We are relentless in our hope. We make plans, ensuring that we will not be alone. And we wait.

But Tijuana Flats? Tijuana Flats has it figured out. They give out free beer. "Drown your sorrows!" they say. "Salute your independence!"

It's sad, really.

Sad that the former makes me bitter and cynical and the latter......well, the latter leads to kidney failure.

While I feel guilty raising my glass to independence (it's what I want for my country, not for myself), I loathe the thought of raising it to sisterhood. Both exclude men! Yet that is what valentine's day has become. And that's the greater tragedy.

So men, you know this already: girls are trouble. But we need you. We don't need carnations instead of roses so we don't get the wrong idea; we don't need pity dates; and we don't need extravagance. But we do need you. We need to be with you, especially on this, the most unlovely of days. We need to know we matter.

p.s. This is not a desperate midnight plea for sweet phone calls and dates. Seriously. You all asked for heart--I'm giving you heart.

p.p.s. Don't call me. I'll call you. (Okay, that part was a joke).


Anonymous said...

Hello, fellow Thursday-nighter. :-) I enjoyed my free beer last night as well ... it got me loosened up enough that I suggested to the employees that they make Sunday (20 percent off with a church bulletin) a free beer day, sit back, and watch the ensuing mayhem! Not exactly a deep thought. But fun. :-)

Anonymous said...


-- not a guy

karin said...

I didn't know about 20% off Sunday!!!! Some Chick-fil-As give you a free sandwich on Mondays with a church bulletin.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

I love your heart. Thanks for sharing it.

You are beautiful!


P.S. Wish we could see each other soon! I really miss you!

Kelli said...

Dude, some guy really needs to get his act together! I've known you a LONG time Karin and you are GREAT, special, and a class act. If some guy out there doesn't see that, then they're too stupid to be in you company.
I don't know if there a "guy" or not but if he's reading this...ARE YOU FREAKING STUPID?!

karin said...

You are very sweet, Kelli. Thank you!

But seriously, this was not some attempt to get compliments or point fingers at guys. This was merely a personal commentary on an already overly-hyped holiday.

karin said...

Oh Amanda, I miss you too!

Running isn't the same without you.

Kelli said...

Yes, but some guy somewhere is stupid...don't deny it

your fave miami guy (i hope) said...

You know, I'm still of the opinion that V.D. is just part of a plot to make single people pair off so that they're just as miserable as most couples (conspiracy theories start here).

As Matthew once commented--without sarcasm, "I think dating is partially an exercise in what you're willing to tolerate from someone else."

I dunno, Karin . . . the thing is, there are major advantages to being single. (And not that you asked for my lecture, but) you don't need anybody to make you complete--screw that Jerry Maguire line.

Actually, I have many opinions, but I'll stop now. Oh, also--you'll probably have to intervene when I have a breakdown over turning 30, so you'll be able to return me the favor of this lecture soon enough.

rachel said...

i just love this. and it was fun talking about it at starbucks. though it was sans guys...