Wednesday, March 18, 2009

don't do this

I know my gym is a no-judgment zone, but to the guy wearing blue-tinted aviators on the look ridiculous.


Un Till said...

Not if he had a mustache. That would complete the picture.

Danielle said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I love to see people like that - just really mackin' (sp?) at the gym; MAN they're soo cool!

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Hey, that was MY husband/boyfriend/you fill in.

You are so rude and judgemental.

He's super stylin'.

karin said...

Dear Amanda,

You're about to get a phone call from me from the 4th floor.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Do it, I dare you. I'll screen it. And then pick up because I miss you!

your miami correspondent said...

1. Oh Karin, EVERY gym is a judgment zone.

2. I'm sure he does look ridiculous. But if the glasses are huge and say "AX" on the side, or if he's wearing other shiny accessories (dogtags, perhaps?), it IS arguably a little fabulous, too.

Next time you see him, just say, "Oh my God, it's so bright in here--I should have brought my Prada sunglasses."

karin said...

Dear Miami,

#1. Now you have me rethinking my high school Adidas knock-off "Addicted to Jesus" tshirt.

#2. Come to Orlando. Meet me at Mall at Millennia. I need to go shopping with you.

#3. My sunglasses came from eyeglass world. Is that a problem?