Thursday, July 9, 2009

on justification for holding a grudge

Dear David,

We have gone over this before. While your post, admittedly, was funny (and pastorally persuasive), you are not off the hook. I double-checked and I was removed again from your blog! I do not want to be under "show all." I want to be a part of the permanent link collection. I have earned my rightful spot. Here's why:
  1. While I certainly don't rank higher than The Good Book or an encyclopedia, surely I am more important than the World Clock. It is a clock. Is it really that important that you know the current time in Ottawa? I don't think so.
  2. I feel better about myself when random people visit my blog. Stop barricading their opportunity (and consequently my good spirits).
  3. I write you personal blog posts. Few people warrant such treatment.
I could continue, but you get the point.

Make it so,
the offended one.


drh said...

Well, Karin...see, here’s the deal...I set up my site so that fresh content bubbles to the top of the bloglist. The bloglist, as it were, actually protects you, because it shields John Doe Random Blog Visitor from any unsightly stale content that may be lingering on your blog. The bloglist provides direct links on my site to only the freshest content.

(And let’s be honest, prior to your brief sojourn from Facebook, they might have seen a rather lot of stale content, now wouldn’t they have?)

Nevertheless, I’ve caved to your unrelenting cries for justice. Feel free to check and see what I’ve done to placate you.

Anonymous said...

This exchange is hilarious! I love it.