Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Call me a Yalie

I love strategic plans, campaigns, milestones, and finish lines. Back in the political frenzy of 2008, I decided to create my own campaign trail. It was a two-year plan with clearly defined objectives: Date in '08; He's mine '09.

If you've followed this blog much at all, you are aware of my need for an addendum. And so, January brought with it a new tagline: Try again in 2010.

However, trying again in 2010 is not so much about getting the guy as it is about returning to the real me. Or, more accurately, the me I've kept hidden. My blogs are lengthier and a smidge more serious. I wear vests and oxford shirts. I say "no" with far less guilt to parties and phone calls. I wear heels because being on the taller end shouldn't preclude me from sporting cute shoes. And if I see a bouquet of flowers I like, I buy them because buying yourself flowers doesn't make you lame. (okay, I may be trying to convince myself of this last point).

All this is to say, I decided that beginning March 1st I would thoughtfully read one business or leadership book a month, one theology book a month and take one online class a month. Ideally I would have a literary classic thrown in there, but man do I hate reading the classics. I still blame my high-school literature teacher for this.

Now I have 24 lectures on Game Theory from Yale University to look forward to! By the end of this month, I hope to converse on such ideas as dominance, backward induction, Nash equilibrium, evolutionary stability, commitment, credibility, asymmetric information, adverse selection, and signaling.

Somehow, I do not think I will be invited to many more parties....


Nifer said...

I love this. In fact I am quite inspired. I love the itunes u lectures, I've learned so much! Good luck in your endeavor, I look forward to learning a lot from you.

Daniel Frett said...

Don't be afraid to bring out this new found knowledge at lunch, I took a game theory class back in 1998 and would love to revisit some of it :)

M. Flexibilis said...

Here's a review of free online courses from Popular Science. I have personally had more success with them than this bloke, and may you also.

As for the classics, how about FREE audio books for your commute:


The OC library also has tons of books on tape/CD, which, as you know, they'll deliver to your door.

Judi-CAJ said...

just stay centered and don't be duped into weird politics!

DJ said...


First off, Mrs Cole says "hey!" And secondly, I'd like to save you money and time, so here is Game Theory by DJ (unaccredited professor).

1. Dominance – see Orlando Magic in the Southeast Conference.
2. Backward Induction – This is when a playa (yes, participants in the Game Theory are known as playas for us in the know) hops in a DeLorean with Dr. Emmett Brown and changes the caliber of play in the past to therefore get inducted into the Hall of Fame.
3. Nash Equilibrium – A balancing exercise developed by Steve Nash while playing at Santa Barbara University.
4. Evolutionary Stability – This is the ability to defy the effects of aging while playing the Game. Also see Performance Enhancing Drugs.
5. Commitment – fans loyalty to a given team despite the odds. Also see NJ Nets fans.
6. Credibility – What you lose when you come into the league talking about changing things for God and then a few years later you get a cheerleader pregnant. (sorry that sounds judgmental) I really do love these playas.
7. Asymmetric Information – This is similar to the media coverage of Brett Favre. All the positive information while omitting anything negative. This was also shown when announcers report officiating decisions dramatically different whether your name is Brett Favre versus Drew Brees.
8. Adverse Selection – See Orlando Magic selecting Penny Hardaway in a trade for Chris Webber in ’93 Draft. I was in the stadium the mood was “adverse.” It turned out okay for a few years.
9. Signaling – see Peyton Manning at the line every play.

On another note, you should think about another university to get education information from. WHY!?!?! Because ever since my wife forced my eyelids open to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls, I have wanted to meet a Yalie to see if they are as annoying as they were portrayed and possible slap one. Okay, sorry for the rant. I’m really not an angry person. Hope I saved you some time and money.