Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Traditions

Every family has their traditions. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, my family decided to stop having meals on Christmas day. This would be our tradition. I do not remember getting a vote.

Thankfully, Santa Claus (my mom) faithfully includes a can of Pringles in my stocking each year. This year, my stocking was a priority mail cardboard box. My mom asked me to collapse the box and return it to my local post office, but instead I kept it because it's a good box.

Each December I have a birthday and the day before my birthday, regardless of the day of the week, I wash my sheets. I typically wash my sheets every Monday, which is why I clarified.

Before December 31st, I always look through my journal to see if I have missed any sermons at my church during the year. If I did, I listen to the sermon online and take notes in the journal with an asterisk noting the given date of the sermon and the actual date I heard it. This is not a form of legalism. I just don't like missing out on the continuity of messages. If I happen to have missed a Sunday and there was a speaker who is not my pastor, I skip the message. This demonstrates how much of a legalist I am not.

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drh said...

I like that you blogged this December. I hope blogging will become a tradition.