Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grime and Gripe

I've been dutifully blogging each Wednesday night after Tango, so I can't stop now, but I'm lacking the creative muse, if you will. So we shall call this the Incoherent Edition.

My glasses are extraordinarily dirty. Several eyelashes are stuck on various parts of the glass, and I don't even see them until I take my glasses off, which makes no sense because I am basically blind. There's a disgusting stripe of who knows what on the far right lens. What kind of grime is happening to my face in the course of an average day that I am completely unaware of??

Moving on.

I agreed to do this half marathon and I have only run six miles so far, which is less than half of half the distance I'm slated to run. At this pace, I will complete the half marathon by Valentines day.

Speaking of Valentines, this year I spent mine in a whirlwind trip to New York City for a girls weekend. Why did I mention Valentines twice? (thrice). Now I'm depressed. And you know what? I'll say it again. Why did Hollywood ever, ever, think that making He's Just Not That Into You a Valentines movie was a good idea? As if we ladies aren't acutely aware of this fact already, you had to go point it out on the big screen, on the very day we had to buy our own stupid candy hearts just so we would have them. Nice move, Tinseltown.

This Saturday is the annual Halloween swing dance. I'm on the hunt for some ill fitting grey pants so I can go as Casey Anthony. 


Shannon O. :-) said...

Karin, I love you. That's all I have to say about that. Well, except that you are right about Hollywood and dirty glasses lenses. Makes me wonder what would get on my eyeballs if I didn't wear glasses or contact lenses...maybe lasik doesn't sound so great afterall! :-P

rachel said...

you make me happy.