Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Steve Jobs, Edward, and black turtlenecks

Steve Jobs died today. If you are just now learning that from my blog, go buy yourself an iPhone, get connected, and see for yourself how this man has changed the world.

I first fell in love with Steve Jobs when Noah Wyle played him in a made for tv movie called The Pirates of Silicon Valley. Yes, I dutifully taped it on VHS and watched it many times. And yes, I had an Apple computer long before they were the sexy piece of machinery they are today. Back when an apple was colored. With stripes.

I found out he died, ironically -- or perhaps instead, but of course -- through my iPhone. I got in my car after dance class and on my phone was a breaking message from CNN that he was gone at 56. Frankly, I was shocked at how immediately sad I felt. The world seems emptier tonight. So this is what it feels like to have a legend die.

But before I found out this sad news, I was dancing. Tonight was week 2 of Tango class. I made some new friends, got invited to go out dancing this weekend (does it sound like I'm writing a letter home from summer camp?), and even was told I had really long legs (that's right, baby). We learned a new move called the Corte which is a Spanish word meaning lunge forward (but not like in jazzercise), don't wobble, and turn your head so far away that a vampire would want to bite your neck. Here, this is how it should look. The vampire thing is no joke.

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michael said...

After watching Steve Jobs commencement address at Stanford, I think he would approve of your Tango class.