Thursday, January 19, 2012

Giving Back

This time tomorrow, I'll be on a plane bound for Africa.

Have you ever been in that place where your deepest passions intersect with opportunity? Where you see, possibly for the first time, a clear connection of events leading you to this precise moment at this precise time?

That's where I am.

For as long as I can remember, I've been passionate about literacy and education. Of course, I didn't know that's what it was called when I was four years old, listening to the PBS commercials promoting reading. But "the more you know" rainbow slogan stuck with me as a powerful reminder that I should never stop learning. My parents sacrificed a great deal to give me the very best education they could afford. In fact, they were founding members of a new school, because they and a handful of others wanted to change the model of Christian education in our community.

While in seminary--glancing at the one, sometimes two other females in the class--I knew I had been afforded an incredible gift. A graduate school education. Admittance to a seminary, as a woman. The freedom to study the Bible.

I received three years of the most intense, powerful, life changing Biblical training that the majority of pastors in the world will never receive. Simply because they can't. Because they can't afford it, or because it's not in their backyard (as it was mine), or because they don't have three years to allocate for such a luxury.

The model for Christian education must change.

And it's happening. In Africa. And by God's grace, I get to be part of the change.


running shoes said...

So COOL! Enjoy!
Praying for you, love!

Judi-CAJ said...

Loved your post. It is so neat to see where God is leading with the unique talents that He placed within you. It reminds me of those days when you were so young and continually wondered what your 'talent' was. I always knew speaking and writing was involved but it is neat to see you look back now and see what God had put in you all along. He was developing this passion in you long before you knew it! I love what you are doing for the Kingdom.

Jerry said...

Nicely said. Have a great trip! You did a lot of work preparing training materials and making sure these training events would be successful. I am sure your trip is going to have great results!