Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life with Charlie

For the last three weeks, I've had the responsibility to make sure this cute thing stays alive. Given my past (and only) experience with dogs (one lasted in my house less than 72 hours), I was slightly concerned for Charlie. But not concerned enough to skip out on the gig. A big house with a dog, a pool, and a lounge chair -- what's not to love?

It turns out, I am a dog person. A very specific dog person, but a dog person nonetheless. I almost typed dog girl. No, no. Not the picture of myself I want to paint.

During this time, I've read three books and nearly finished a fourth. Reading is infinitely better with a dog at your feet. It instantly changes your social life from "loner girl who stays home to read" to "Sorry, I have plans with Charlie" (and this incredible book I can't put down). What was on the reading list? Glad you asked.

Inside the Kingdom: my life in Saudi Arabia by Carmen bin Laden. Yes, that bin Laden. Oh my goodness this book was incredible. She's Persian (not Parisian. sheesh) but spent much of her life in Europe and the United States. Married a Saudi whose brother was Osama. Moved to Saudi Arabia, wore the burqa, and believed she could make a difference for women in that society. This book is why I read. Reading takes you places you could never go otherwise. Three evenings and a fluffy dog, you can knock this book out. I'm still processing all I read. When I finish Kabul Beauty School: an American woman goes behind the veil, I might do a little joint book report. If you have read these books or want to, let's have tea and talk about it!

Cruising Attitude: tales of crashpads, crew drama, and crazy passengers at 35,000 feet by Heather Poole. Hilarious book. If you fly a lot, it's even funnier because we have all been on flights with passengers like the ones she describes. Once, I was on a trans-atlantic flight when a guy across the aisle from me kept coughing his phlegm into the emergency brochure and then stuffing it back into the seat back pocket. He picked his nose a lot too, but that seems minor in comparison. Here's a fun fact I discovered: flight attendants hate serving Diet Coke because goes down the slowest. So if you see me ordering Diet Coke, you know the flight attendant was rude and it's my way of getting back.

Presumed Guilty - Casey Anthony: the inside story by Jose Baez. Of course I read this. It's a big ol' book where Baez whines that everyone is against him. The police hate him. The media hates him. Judge Strickland hates him. Judge Perry hates him. Jeff Ashton hates him (but this is okay because Baez hates him, too). At one point, he compares himself to David. As in, David and Goliath. As in, the David who fought Goliath in the name of the Lord, so that everyone would know there is a God in Israel. Except Baez left that part out. The whole case was a circus: a mesmerizing circus. He was right on one point: this was a case where there were no winners. Except for Prosecuting Attorney Linda Drane Burdick. Her character is impeccable. And for the opposition to work with you for 3+ years and not have a single speck of dirt to say about you, that is remarkable indeed. Hats off to you, Linda.


4wrights said...

No matter the subject you choose, your writing is so engaging that I'm hooked to the end. Looking forward to great writing exploits for you! A book soon?!

Jerry said...

What about Diet Coke goes down slowly? I'm sure Charlie could make it go down faster, whatever that might entail.

Becky said...

I've downloaded three of the books you have written/are writing about. I can't wait to read them!