Monday, July 26, 2004

another one bites the dust

every sunday i play ultimate frisbee.  basically it's a time for me to, at least once a week, feel like i'm an athlete.  usually i show up with my Nalgene, bare feet, and well-worn Nike t-shirt and dupe the people into thinking i'm least for a good 5 minutes.  once the game starts, however, the facade quickly fades.  
karin: [catches pass, then tosses off to Charlie.  poor pass, so Charlie misses it]
karin: oh, sorry Charlie
karin: [pause] "sorry charlie!?!"  HAH!
[game resumes.  charlie unamused.  clearly he's heard that one before]


Anonymous said...

funny, funny sad! Let the obliteration begin!

Patricia said...

Was Charlie the tuna?