Thursday, August 5, 2004

Dear Jorab:

I caught the bouquet!......where are you?!?

Oh, and I learned black wedding dresses tend to scare guys off.

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Anonymous said...

yeah black wedding dresses kinda send the message that the wedding is secretly a funeral or something.

why do you have to ask where Jorab is?? i thought you all established that he's either 1. hanging out in the womans rest room. or 2. At your apartment early in the morning turning on your lights. (though i personally still think that second one is casper).

but seriously...ok i dont really mean seriously ...theres nothing serious about this conversation...where was i...

oh yeah - karin i think you need to reconsider your relationship with Mr. Jorab. (no offense jorab) but are you really looking for a guy who hids in womens rest rooms and talks on cell phones behind your back...or that sneeks into your apartment late at night to turn on the light for you...BUT doesnt stick around long enough to make you coffee or even introduce himself to you??

i mean common...