Wednesday, August 11, 2004

wardrobe malfunction

I nearly took out a two year old.

Chris and I like to compete. Whatever he does, i'm convinced I can do better and faster. At the very least, i can do it better than his mom. So at lunch, when he was rubbing his hands together, I knew I needed to beat him. Naturally, I cranked my hands up to turbo and started firing away. However, my ring managed to fly off my finger and catupult across the North building cafeteria, barely grazing the head of an innocent blond two-year-old.

After recovering the ring, my necklace fell off my neck and slid down my shirt. In the middle of a conversation.

I was accused of having a janet jackson moment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh it was a Janet Jackson moment for sure!! I was there and i can vouch for that.

and the kid... that was almost tragic... death by flying ring.

i can see the head line that would get... "Crusader goes wild flinging jewelry - injures child."

it almost seemed like your jewelry was trying to escape!

Karin maybe you should consider not wearing jewelry around children.