Tuesday, August 31, 2004


My sister rescued a mouse. I don't think this is normal behavior. Aren't mice supposed to get caught? Isn't that why we have mouse traps? am i bothering you by emphasizing so many words?

so yes. my sister rescued a mouse because she didn't like the fact that it was about to be fed to a snake. so now we have an aquarium-turned-mouse-house complete with an empty toilet paper roll, just nesting on the kitchen table.

enter 4-year old Jacob who likes to play with the rat. i think he squeezed him too hard.

now the mouse is dead.


Anonymous said...

hahaha i guess she didnt rescue that mouse enough!! least if she'd let the snake get it the poor mouse would be a meal not just a dead carcass.

i can just see Jacob holding the mouse(rat?) and shaking it. kids always shake everything. ill bet that mouse was shook to death. *shake-a-shake-shake*


Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of Lenny from Of Mice and Men.

Ooohh, look at the purty puppy!! I wants to pet it!
::pet pet PET PET PPEETT!!::

Oh lookie here... I killed it. :(


Patricia said...

Ooohhh...poor little mouse! :(

Of course I don't really know why I say that because I don't like anyway.