Tuesday, August 31, 2004

pressure's off

i thought if i waited long enough, i'd be funny again. fat chance. truth be told, i stole the last blog from a newspaper headline i read at chick-fil-a. and the one before that was nearly handwritten for me by a friend.

so here i am, moments before september 1, and about to turn over a new leaf. a fresh blogging leaf for fall, if you will.

last week i re-entered the seminary cave. seminary has a way of very quickly sucking enough life out of you to allow you to feel the intense agony and hopelessness of suffocating while at the same time being cognizant enough to know that you're doing this to yourself.

so this new blog will be a collection of seminary thoughts, life musings, and random happenings. what a blog should be, i suppose.


rob said...

Welcome back to the blogsphere!

Anonymous said...

Oh please, your posts always have me laughing. Yes, so I'm laughing AT you, but I'm still laughing, and that's what counts, right? Besides, you know what they say about laughter being healthy... So thank you for coming back to enrich our lives with your anecdotes!

Hmm... You know what I just thought about? If laughter truly IS the best medicine, then what am I doing in pharmacy school?!? I wonder if I took a wrong turn somewhere...

Now look what you've done! (j/k!)