Wednesday, September 15, 2004

John 21

Do I really love the person of Jesus, or do i just love the idea of a Savior?


Patricia said...

I don't know, do you?

Anonymous said...

MikeL (Amanda's hubby) here. That question made me think that maybe Jesus seems to me like a spiritual benefactor whom I know a lot about, but have never actually met. Reading the stories about and words of Jesus in the Bible inspire admiration, respect, and awe of Him, and of course I'm eternally grateful to and appreciative of Him. However, until I'm able to embrace Him, sit and talk with Him face to face, and actually interact with Him, I think I will probably love the idea of a Savior more than I do the person. Perhaps I feel like I know and love God the father more because that's who I think about when praying and spending quiet time and that's who I typically think of as the One who blesses, guides me, answers prayers, etc.