Tuesday, September 14, 2004

four eyes

i get tired of wearing my glasses. especially when i'm studying. so i decided to write a paper without them. except i had to increase Word to 500%. and i still can't read what i typed.

there ought to be more blind kid jokes out there.

my crazy neighbor just flew his flatbed yard truck down the street. backwards.


rob said...

Once on Seinfeld George had his glasses off and swore he saw Jerry's girlfriend kiss someone else. Of course he was wrong becuase he didn't have his glasses on.

After that testimony, how am I to believe you have a neighbor who drives backwards?

Anonymous said...

what i want to know is how your neighbor flew a flatbed yard truck? doesnt seem like the sort of vehicle which would be able to move rapidly in forward or reverse... let alone get airborn.

as for reading at 500%... OF COURSE you cant read it at 500% it has nothing to do with your eye sight and everything to do with the fact that your zoomed in to the point where your words are probably bigger than your screen.