Tuesday, September 14, 2004


This afternoon i went running on the treadmill at the Y. In their effort to make exercise more lazy-people friendly, the YMCA now provides treadmills with personal television sets (much like the airlines do)with every cable channel imaginable! Immediately my mind started spinning, trying to coordinate my schedule to be able to watch my favorite movies, like The Patriot which was on this past Sunday on TNT and I was forced to view it through the black/white snow and with no volume. Not the best way for a Heath Ledger sighting. But that's entirely off the topic.

The point of the story is that while running i managed to go through every channel, only to land on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire which just so happens to televise on basic cable. Also, on 3 separate occasions, my headphones flew out of my ears (i guess i bounce to much when i run), causing the people on either side of me to shoot me growingly intensified frustrated glances. I eventually got so embarrased that i turned the tv off, just as Carlton was about to do one of his dances.

For all my hard working-out efforts, i'm going to eat a fudgesicle.


rob said...

You should be careful at what you shoot at people.

Anonymous said...

Now, I see why you do not go to the gym. It's more dangerous to everyonee else around you!