Monday, October 4, 2004


I've heard of washing machines shrinking clothes, but can they actually make them grow?! Yesterday, I washed my comforter and once I put it back on my bed, the thing was gargantuan. i really think it tripled in size. It not only covered both the top of my bed and 3 sides, but continued to trail down to the floor and puddled into a rug.

it's overtaking my room. maybe i used too much detergent.


rob said...

I don't know about the washer. Maybe Jorab gave you a smaller bed.

He's such a jokester.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about the Anne of Green Gables trilogy and how you were wanting it. I thought EBAY might be a good place to look. They have on that is brand new for only $60 and that is as cheap as I have seen it! Here is the link... We totally need to get together and watch them! Even if we rent them. Do you think DJ would let us use the big TV for this purpose?

Jeremy said...

Are you sure you didn't use Wide instead of Tide? They're usually located right next to each other on the shelf and can be easy to confuse at times if you're not careful to be vigilant.

Not being familiar with blogger, I don't know how to insert photos, so use this link:

karintomemom said...

perhaps try turning it 90 degrees to the right.