Monday, October 4, 2004


I think the stove is the most deceptive kitchen appliance. Did you know that it smells the same whether something is cooking on the right burner or not?

I think i'm spatially dyslexic. For some reason, i consistently turn on the wrong burner whenever i try to cook something. Er, boil water. I only "cook" spaghetti.

They really should label those buggers better.

I'm starting to believe this ranks as one of the top worst things to happen to me. weekly.


Anonymous said...

i recommend having Andrea put little arrows next to the knobs that point to which burner they each turn on.

OR an even better idea is to pick which burner you always use and then only remember the one knob that goes with it... if your only cooking spagetti then it shouldnt be a problem.


Amanda Lomonaco said...

I've been turning on the wrong burners consistently in my new place, too. Hmmm, we are a lot alike.

By the way, really should learn to cook. Perhaps you could try making grilled pb&j or something exotic like that.

Anonymous said...

on most stoves it is as simple as overlaying the vertical layout of the knobs (buttons, keypads, whatever) over the layout of the burners.
Top left, top right
bottom left, bottom right

relates to
farthest away left, farthest away right
closest left, closest right

of course, you need to know top from bottom and left from right but somewhere along the line you were exposed to that, just absorb it.

come to think of it, you were exposed to cooking as well. I don't have an answer to that one.