Tuesday, October 5, 2004

raised eyebrow

Actual study guide question for a seminary exam: "In what way was Jesus like a prostitute?"

follow-up question:
"In what way is God like a watermelon?"

and people think you have to be smart to go to seminary......


Anonymous said...

Monday night sound bites in review:

"and people think you have to be smart to go to seminary...""Did you know that it smells the same whether something is cooking on the right burner or not?"

Jeremy said...

So we're all waiting for the answers to those intriguing questions! Just how exactly IS God like a watermelon? And Jesus has similar qualities of a prostitute? I'm not sure if I want to know about that one.

Those questions, albeit quite bizarre, sound harder than describing the intermediates of the tricarboxylic acid cycle or the mechanisms of enzyme catalysis. At least my questions have specific answers that you can memorize... how does one study for such off-the-wall questions? How is the Trinity similar to a spiderweb? Hmmm? Or... in what ways are waterfalls similar to salvation?

I think I'd just stare at the paper the whole time, scratching my head and going "Pffftttt" ::moves index finger rapidly up and down over lips while exhaling and making funny noises:: ... Ultimately resulting in me turning in a blank paper and receiving a large red F upon its return.

That's probably why you're in seminary and I'm not.

Anonymous said...

on the other hand perhaps turning in a blank piece of paper IS the correct answer... maybe God is nothing like a watermelon...

*still patiently waiting for karin to post the answers to those questions*

(karin i know you hate posting on your own blog but you really shouldnt leave us hanging like this...)


karintomemom said...

waterfall: salvation

living water: eternal life

just a thought