Monday, November 15, 2004


I have an intense fear of changing light bulbs. Maybe it's all those years of listening to Polock jokes. who knows. Did i even spell "polock" right?

I always think i'll get electrocuted. or blinded by the light. and those popcorn ceiling flakes always fall into my eyes. plus, i invariably burn myself after touching the hot bulb.

needless to say, our apartment hallway light is out again. can something 3 feet long really be considered a hallway?

does any knight in shining armor want to gallup up to the 3rd floor and change the light for me?! Jorab? anyone?

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Hackett said...

Hey, Karin, I ran across your blog. I think I might try to set one up myself.

I can give the light bulb a shot. Give me a call and I'll stop by.