Thursday, December 30, 2004

post-Christmas returns

Location: TJ-Max, a discount department store

After entering the first door, I notice 2 large signs marked "RETURNS" with arrows pointing to the left. Naturally, I walk that way. The door is locked shut.

I walk in the main entrance and turn to the Customer Service counter.

Karin: Where do I go for returns?
Customer Service rep: oh, you need to wait in the regular line over there.

After waiting in the regular line......
Karin: yes, I'd like to return this please.
TJ Max worker: you're in the wrong line. you need to stand in the return line.
Karin: <looks again to the left only to find no other register open or with any workers present>
But there's no one there.
TJ Max worker: that's where the returns are.
Karin: <long pause>
TJ Max worker: girl busy arranging empty coat-hangers in the corner> She'll help you.

After standing at next register marked simultaneously as both "Closed" and "Returns"
Karin: uh, can you help me return this?
Coat-hanger organizing TJ Max girl: <continues moving around empty coat hangers, and then looks up toward me>. You need to stand in the other line.
Karin: <clearly flabbergasted, at this point> uh, okay.
Same coat-hanger organizing girl: Hi! Can I help you with something?

Location: Target

Karin: yes, i'd like to return these lights, please.
Target guy: sure! Oh....sorry, I can't return these. You've already returned them.
Karin: no I haven't.
Target guy: yes you have.
Karin: no, really, I haven't.
Target guy: well, they're not showing up on the receipt.
Karin: then what's that right there?
Target guy: well, i mean they are on the receipt. They're just not showing up in the computer. I know you paid for them, because it says you did, but we just don't have a record of them anymore, so i can't return these.
Target manager walks up: Let's see if I can help. <scans receipt and looks at computer>. Yes, we can't help you. It looks like you've already returned these lights.
Karin: trust me, i never have.
Target manager: <in a condescending tone> Are you sure you never returned these?
Karin: Are you really asking me if I returned christmas lights that are still in my hands?
Target manager: hmmm....

Several minutes later....
Target manager on phone with Corporate Headquarters: Yes, I have a customer here who is trying to get a refund on previously returned merchandise that is not showing up in the computer. Uh-huh. Yes. Hmm. Yes. Okay.
Target manager: Apparently you are right. You didn't return these lights already. It looks like our employees just don't know how to give returns.


Jeremy said...

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, sounds like you endured quite a few difficulties when it comes to returning items. I have no idea what was wrong with the world that day, but apparently you were meant to keep those items, or else it was a lesson in patience. But hey, remember your motto -- "That'll make a great blog!" And it sure did! Which is good, because I hadn't heard from you in a while, and I was beginning to wonder how things were going over in Karinland. Great to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha GREAT BLOG!! most of your blogs are about your own crazy antics (which I do love reading about) but this one was hilarious in that the other people involved were the ones with no clue! hahaha sooooo great. i love when people are clueless... so much humor happens.

but then i generally crack myself up so i probably fall in the clueless category too. oh well as long as its funny...

Anonymous said...

Ah, they were forgetting that the customer is more right than the computer.

Amy said...

Pretty funny. Keep up the great blogging!