Thursday, January 6, 2005


I called my dad tonight, who works at the space center. A Lieutenant answered the phone which, strangely, made me nervous.

I asked to speak to my dad, but he was busy. As I was about to leave my cell phone number so he could call me back, the Lieutenant interrupted and said, "are you Karin Tome at xxx-xxx-xxxx?". "um, yeah," I replied.

panic stricken, i thought, "NASA KNOWS MY PHONE NUMBER!!!"

and then, i had the astounding realization: caller ID.



rob said...

D'oh indeed, Karin. D'oh indeed.

Anonymous said...

My introduction to Caller ID was a rude awakening. I really wanted to get ahold of one of my friends. When I finally did, I swore he was psychic. "Dude, you tried to call like a hundred times." Pshaw. Such persistance is supposed to be anonymous. Obviously, now that he sold his soul to Satan so he can have telephone omnipotence, such privacy no longer abounds. Weirdo.